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We’re Back!

I know, I know… you don’t have to tell me, but the way we left the site and neglected it is just inexcusable. It was ugly, there’s simply no other way to put it but we deserted the blog.

So the obvious thing happened and this place became a ghost town since our last post.

But guess what… we’re back, and we’re coming back strong.

We still care about ODMS and the little club we built here, you guys still matter to us and we have not forgotten about you.

So.. to mark our return to activity and to show you how serious we are, we have decided to go with a brand new look for the site.

As you can see we have completely redesigned and revamped everything by giving our blog a fresh new look that fits the standards of 2016, and to be honest the old one was just ugly, so it was time to get rid of it.

Anyway we’ll be rolling a few more changes as time goes by and more content on nutrition and workouts is on the way. So stay tuned and be on the watch for our next chapter.

The ODMS team.

Why A Jump Manual Is Necessary When Training Your Vertical Leap

As basketball players, we always look for an edge that will help us gain the upper hand and win over the competition. Such an edge could come in many shapes and forms such as, shooting accurately, handling the ball well, passing at the right time etc.. and generally everything we do on the court.

But one of the biggest areas where many basketball players fail to progress, is with their vertical jump. For this reason, we’ve put together a little something that will show what you can do to develop a strong vertical.

Vertical Explosion and its Importance

A vertical jump or vertical explosion is basically jumping upwards in a way that your center of gravity moves higher in the vertical plane only by the use of your muscles. It is nothing but the maximum height an athlete can reach on jumping, standing on plane ground.

Vertical jumps are a part of rigorous sports training. They are more commonly seen during basketball, football, track events and also volleyball.

Athletes in these sports depend on their vertical jumps to perform well. Therefore, how far and how quick they reach maximum explosion is important to them as well as to their game.

Basketball players especially depend on their vertical jump for blocking, shooting and for rebounds.

Lebron James posterizes Jason Terry with his explosive jump

What stops you from gaining that perfect jump?

So.. you’ve tried and tried, but you never really perfected that jump. Have you wondered why? The reasons behind this are many.

Firstly people follow the wrong set of instructions and principles; this shows their lack of knowledge.

Secondly is the absence of proper practice and technique.

Third, is the lack of discipline and their failure to apply the correct techniques learned over a long duration of time.

And the fourth culprit that almost all players don’t get right, is improper diet.

Why no other programs work?

The road to the perfect vertical jump is not easy. There are various other programs available in the market, all promising the exemplary results. But none of them has garnered as much success as Jump Manual has.

You want to know why?

Well, the answer lies in our body. Our body is very complex and it can perform various difficult physical tasks which require proper training and conditioning. By focusing only on muscle strength, or only on quickness, or only the neurological response required, you will never see the full potential of your body.

What Jump Manual gives it’s users is a full multi faceted approach. They focus on strength, endurance, response and quickness and train the body for a perfect vertical jump.

Derrick Rose rises to his 40″ jump over Joel Anthony

Jump manual gives you a complete guide to a proper diet which enhances muscle elasticity and repair muscle tissue. The exercises, which include resistance training, help target and build the unused type-2 fiber cells which are responsible for quick contraction. The manual focuses on building flexibility while also targeting your stability and giving your body the time to build and recover.

Like any good training, for this program to actually work, you have to be committed to it. To understand the level of commitment required it’s suggested that you’ll first read what’s written on the Jump Manual’s blog and see the prerequisites you must have in order to adapt to this program.

workout-chartWhat does the Jump Manual actually entail?

You would obtain the kit that comprises of DVD’s concerning all details of the program. The information or video tutorials would have types of exercises and precise methods to do those exercises for better results.

Jump Manual Success Stories

Out of many training regimens we’ve come across, the Jump Manual is one of the best programs available. Jacob Hiller, the master mind behind this program has seen thousands of success stories. Testimonials from various blogs are all positive and can be verified on the official jump manual site.

From college kids to professionals, anyone who has used this manual in the correct manner has benefited and increased his vertical.

So the next time you’re thinking about a new jump regimen, give this program a try and come back and tell us how it was.

Group Personal Training is The Best Way to Lose Weight

There’s no doubt about the fact that one of the most commonly set goals by people is getting into good shape. However, not everyone has the will or means to get in the shape they have the potential to be in.

One may ask, “why is this”?

For some reason, some people do not have the internal will or drive to push themselves to the limit when it comes to attaining certain amounts of strengths, stamina, and endurance. This is nothing to feel down about, as everyone needs a bit of motivation from someone other than themselves to reach certain levels of success.

Anyone that has ever participated in a boot camp knows the amount of strength and stamina they attained from being there. Boot camp is essentially designed to provide the individual with all of the tools they need to reach their peaks of potential in regards to physical training.

One boot camp that we really had the luxury to be part of lately is the Inner West personal training.

We wanted to take the time and talk about our experience there because their sessions are some of the most intense types of activities and workouts in the world. When someone feels that they’ve reached a peak in their performance, they will have a drill instructor behind them pushing them to go farther, faster, and harder.

He means business – the instructor

Although you’ll probably not enjoy the session momentarily, the completion of the boot camp will always result in an epic success.

There are many different types of physical activities that are implemented into one’s daily boot camp sessions. Some of the most commonly utilized workouts do not necessarily contain a lot of heavy weights. Instead, the exercise regiments are based on a lot of body weight workouts, such as calisthenics.

If weights are used, then they are often light consisting of high repetitions.


There’s certainly a lot of running in boot camp as well. They have this system where you’re constantly training the strength and running departments in such a quick manner, to enable your body the opportunity of reaching your absolute maximum potential of fitness. A drill instructor will ensure that you actually pushing yourself in the training sessions as well.

How will the personal trainer know if you’re pushing yourself?

That’s easy. The sweat and strains will definitely prove it.

The goal is to irrigate the grass

Dangerously Fit Boot Camps instil many levels of discipline that are unattainable from attending other types of personal training venues. There is a constant motion of improving oneself in boot camp, in which the process does not end until the entire training camp is over. Therefore, if the boot camp is 3 months long, you will be in a steady state for training for the entire duration.

You will often be forced to eat healthy and wipe junk food out of your menu.

Why Boot Camps?

The answer very simple.

Boot camps are beneficial for anyone that has a hard time maintaining an extremely disciplined lifestyle because the drill instructors will certainly enforce it upon you.

Check out for more info.

How to Affect Your Vertical Leap with Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual

We all love to play basketball here, right? But for many of us it’s hard to do a task when you up the tempo and intensity.

As we’re climbing up the ladder of levels of the game we are seeing that players are getting bigger and taller, where the top is the NBA where the biggest and tallest baddest players are found.

So what can you do if you weren’t blessed by god with basketball height? The only thing you can do in this case is to increase the height of your jump, and that can be done with Jacob Hiller’s jump manual program for increasing it effectively.

The Jump Manual Leaping System

jacob hiller vertical jump manual

When we play against bigger, taller and massive rivals we can have several options. We can work on our body to get bigger, taller, and more massive.

However, if we’re done growing then other than muscle hypertrophy we can’t get any taller, hence the other option, which is jumping higher, is called to the rescue.

-But how? you may ask.

Well, the best way to do that would be to use a training program like the jump manual from here.

Jump manual is the alternative to all that, this piece of guide is about getting your legs to fire. Basketball is mostly comprised of running and jumping from the athletic point of view, so the jump manual is focusing on improving these 2 skills very effectively.

If you can run faster and sprint and get out quickly then you’re already doing better for the game, and if you can jump higher and be more explosive then you have the ultimate combination.

As a great example there is a good case study on this jump manual youtube video where you can truly witness the power of this program in action.

And another one…

And many more…

Think about great basketball players who are the top athletes you’ve seen and you’ll see that they all posses these 2 skills I just introduced. For example, Lebron James; a 250+ pound player which can sprint very fast on the court, he’s got 40+ inch vertical and he’s generally very quick moving.

This is the best example to see how much good you can get if you develop these abilities and it’s all laid down with Jacob’s plan of action jump manual.

As for the way it’s done, jump manual utilizes some very unique secret methods not a lot of coaches and trainers know about. Most coaches don’t know because they don’t specialize in training your vertical leap, and although they’re very good at teaching other aspects of the game, they aren’t the best choice for developing your athleticism.

That is why most basketball teams also have a fitness and conditioning trainer in addition to the coach, and on top of that at the professional level every player gets to work individually with his own trainer, this demonstrates you allot how important this is.

With this in mind, you are getting the same kind of treatment from this jump manual program by Jacob Hiller. Jacob is like your personal trainer and he will be connecting with you for a one on one training and will guide you through the way until you’re able to dunk.

A 250lbs freight train that takes off on demand

What Will you Earn From Jump Manual

Well, to put it shortly… If the jump manual is good enough for NBA players will it be good enough for you?

This program was used at the top of basketball world so why not take jump manual for yourself?! And if you’re lazy and you’re not sure you’ll be committed to the program just go to BASKETBALLWORKOUTTIPS and imagine yourself dunking like that or you’ll be able to dunk the same way in just a few months.

Jump manual does not promise it’ll be easy though, so don’t be too lazy if you buy this program. First understand that this program will not do anything on its own if you sit on your couch all day long and think a huge vertical will just come to you.

Jump manual will force you to work hard and you’re going to have to sweat it if you really want to dunk and get more athletic. But if you’ll do everything as the jump manual states, your promised to succeed eventually.

How To Get Ripped Like A Wolverine

I wanted to get a body like Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and so I’m now doing a five month regimen with what I learned from his training:

If you want build the right male body it is truly imperative that you structure every part of your training  in a way that is suitable way for your own needs and allows you to build the necessary amount of muscle and burn the right amount of fat to look like a Wolverine.

Looking like Jackman, as it turns out, is simply a matter of getting really (but really) strong and making sure that you don’t get too fat.

I’m sure you all saw the picture on Twitter that Hugh posted a few months ago showing him deadlifting over 500 pounds. Now that is how strong you need to be if you want to get as big and ripped as the Wolverine.

You also need to carefully watch your diet. For his role as Wolverine, Hugh ate up to 5,000 calories per day, by the suggestion of his close friend, Dwayne Johnson.

So now you have the wolverine formula – eat big and lift big.

Wish me luck.

Lose Weight Fast With Yacon Syrup

Media news around the globe popularized recently a new weight loss supplement, the Yacon Syrup. The product was also featured on Dr. Oz’s talk show on TV. Everyone, from celebrities to fitness experts are backing up the Yacon Syrup as the best weight loss supplement on the market today.

Yacon is a natural root that is growing in South America. This has been used as natural part of the Andean diet for centuries.

The Study

In Dr. Oz study the participants used Yacon Syrup for 28 days and monitored their weight. In the study took part 60 people, each of them was taking the Yacon Syrup three times daily with their three main meals.

One control group was told to keep their regular dieting and exercising routine. 40 people completed the trial out of the original 60 participants. The study found some very positive and promising results:

  • Over 70% of the participants in the trial were able to lose weight.
  • 14 of those participants could lose more than 5 pounds.
  • As a combined group they lost together more than 150 pounds.
  • 70% of those who took part in the trial declared that they would recommend Yacon Syrup for weight loss.

The results show that the Yacon Syrup can help losing weight quickly and effectively. This can be explained by its high content of prebiotics that are important for the development of beneficial bacteria in the gut. A healthy gut can manage the blood sugar, bust the immune system, and help maintain a healthy weight.

Dr. Oz presenting his facts about the study

The best results can be achieved when Yacon is used in capsule and syrup form for at least three months. Some suppliers are only offering Yacon as a capsule. For maximizing the benefits of this weight loss supplement you’ll need to find a supplier which offers the product as a package in capsule and syrup form. The daily routine for a treatment with Yacon Syrup and Capsules is:

  1. Take one capsule every morning.
  2. Take another capsule with your main meal.
  3. Use the Yacon Syrup as a natural sugar replacement throughout the day. For example, you can use it as sugar replacement for your coffee and tea. You can also prepare some sauces for your meat with Yacon Syrup or use it as salad dressings. See the full case on Yacon Syrup Story.

I have friends who were struggling for a long time to fight with their overweight issues without achieving so much success until now. Since they started using the Yacon Syrup I am glad to notice a significant improvement in their weight and they were already able to lose more than 10 pounds.

That’s why I would certainly recommend Yacon Syrup for all those who want an efficient method for weight management.

Michael Jordan’s Highlights for Motivation Along The Way

I thought I’ll put this video here because sometimes when I’m down after a loss, or just having a bad day, watching Jordan’s epic video brings me back on track.

Jordan’s charisma and personality alone can boost your motivation sky high, his basketball figure is probably the most dominant ever and he really didn’t get to the hall of fame just by being a good player.

Here it is…