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How to Affect Your Vertical Leap with Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual

We all love to play basketball here, right? But for many of us it’s hard to do a task when you up the tempo and intensity.

As we’re climbing up the ladder of levels of the game we are seeing that players are getting bigger and taller, where the top is the NBA where the biggest and tallest baddest players are found.

So what can you do if you weren’t blessed by god with basketball height? The only thing you can do in this case is to increase the height of your jump, and that can be done with Jacob Hiller’s jump manual program for increasing it effectively.

The Jump Manual Leaping System

jacob hiller vertical jump manual

When we play against bigger, taller and massive rivals we can have several options. We can work on our body to get bigger, taller, and more massive.

However, if we’re done growing then other than muscle hypertrophy we can’t get any taller, hence the other option, which is jumping higher, is called to the rescue.

-But how? you may ask.

Well, the best way to do that would be to use a training program like the jump manual from here.

Jump manual is the alternative to all that, this piece of guide is about getting your legs to fire. Basketball is mostly comprised of running and jumping from the athletic point of view, so the jump manual is focusing on improving these 2 skills very effectively.

If you can run faster and sprint and get out quickly then you’re already doing better for the game, and if you can jump higher and be more explosive then you have the ultimate combination.

As a great example there is a good case study on this jump manual youtube video where you can truly witness the power of this program in action.

And another one…

And many more…

Think about great basketball players who are the top athletes you’ve seen and you’ll see that they all posses these 2 skills I just introduced. For example, Lebron James; a 250+ pound player which can sprint very fast on the court, he’s got 40+ inch vertical and he’s generally very quick moving.

This is the best example to see how much good you can get if you develop these abilities and it’s all laid down with Jacob’s plan of action jump manual.

As for the way it’s done, jump manual utilizes some very unique secret methods not a lot of coaches and trainers know about. Most coaches don’t know because they don’t specialize in training your vertical leap, and although they’re very good at teaching other aspects of the game, they aren’t the best choice for developing your athleticism.

That is why most basketball teams also have a fitness and conditioning trainer in addition to the coach, and on top of that at the professional level every player gets to work individually with his own trainer, this demonstrates you allot how important this is.

With this in mind, you are getting the same kind of treatment from this jump manual program by Jacob Hiller. Jacob is like your personal trainer and he will be connecting with you for a one on one training and will guide you through the way until you’re able to dunk.

A 250lbs freight train that takes off on demand

What Will you Earn From Jump Manual

Well, to put it shortly… If the jump manual is good enough for NBA players will it be good enough for you?

This program was used at the top of basketball world so why not take jump manual for yourself?! And if you’re lazy and you’re not sure you’ll be committed to the program just go to BASKETBALLWORKOUTTIPS and imagine yourself dunking like that or you’ll be able to dunk the same way in just a few months.

Jump manual does not promise it’ll be easy though, so don’t be too lazy if you buy this program. First understand that this program will not do anything on its own if you sit on your couch all day long and think a huge vertical will just come to you.

Jump manual will force you to work hard and you’re going to have to sweat it if you really want to dunk and get more athletic. But if you’ll do everything as the jump manual states, your promised to succeed eventually.