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How To Get Ripped Like A Wolverine

I wanted to get a body like Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and so I’m now doing a five month regimen with what I learned from his training:

If you want build the right male body it is truly imperative that you structure every part of your training  in a way that is suitable way for your own needs and allows you to build the necessary amount of muscle and burn the right amount of fat to look like a Wolverine.

Looking like Jackman, as it turns out, is simply a matter of getting really (but really) strong and making sure that you don’t get too fat.

I’m sure you all saw the picture on Twitter that Hugh posted a few months ago showing him deadlifting over 500 pounds. Now that is how strong you need to be if you want to get as big and ripped as the Wolverine.

You also need to carefully watch your diet. For his role as Wolverine, Hugh ate up to 5,000 calories per day, by the suggestion of his close friend, Dwayne Johnson.

So now you have the wolverine formula – eat big and lift big.

Wish me luck.

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